The Story of The Blind Pig

Dave's Coffee Blind Pig

Many customers ask about the origin for the name of our Blind Pig coffee. So, here’s an explanation of how it came about and what it means.

Dave’s Coffee officially began roasting coffee in the winter of 2009. Up until that point, we used other local roasters to supply us at our Charlestown espresso bar. While we always had exceptional coffee, we knew the next step for us was to begin roasting our own coffee.

We took delivery of our custom made US Roaster Corp 12 kilo coffee roaster in October. Obviously, we were anxious to begin roasting, and had the machine up and running by November. But, the various State and local inspections seemed to be taking forever!

So, we began roasting small batches and bringing it to our espresso bar for certain customers to try while we honed our roasting skills. These “blind pig” batches were not on the menu and not offered publicly.

The term “blind pig” came about in the 19th century and was used to refer to establishments that sold alcohol during prohibition. The term was also used in the 1960’s and was used to describe illegal, after hours gambling establishments in Chicago. Basically, a blind pig was an activity that was not “officially” approved.

One day when we were roasting coffee, my son looked over to me and said, “I feel like we're running a blind pig here.” We were roasting coffee but were not yet officially approved and bringing it in the back door of our espresso bar for a small number of customers to sample. We both agreed that would make an awesome name for our first blend, Blind Pig.

So, there you have it. The story of The Blind Pig.

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