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The ASCI'SP Cooperative located in Gaitania, Tolima is a relatively new organization founded in 2014. It has 80 contributing members whose efforts help support the Nasa We'sx, an indigenous group just south of Gaitania. The Nasa We'sx who value and cherish their land have always practiced organic growing techniques and try to leave as much of the land undisturbed as possible. With the help of the ASCI'SP Cooperative they have been able to maintain organic certifications and fetch premium prices for their coffee based off of cup quality.  

We love this coffee and are always excited when it cycles back into our rotation.  Expect a balanced cup with notes of chocolate, cherry and a smooth finish.  

Origin: Tolima, Colombia

Varietal: Castilla, Caturra, Tabi, Typica

Growing Altitude: 1,600 - 2,000 meters

Process: Washed

Cupping Notes: Chocolate, Walnut, Cherry 

We roast our organic coffees every Wednesday 

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