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Original Coffee Syrup (16oz)

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Rhode Islands official state drink begins here!

It all starts with our fresh roasted coffee. We've selected a superb Brazilian bean and roasted it specifically to be used in our coffee syrup. It's nutty, sweet, smooth and roasted with it's natural smokey goodness. The finished roast then rests for two days.

After resting the coffee is ground and cold brewed for 18 hours in our modified stainless steel kettle.

Finally, the cold brewed coffee is drained and combined with pure cane sugar and cassava root syrup. The mixture of coffee and sugar is brought to a boil and simmers for about four hours. During this time the syrup reduces and the sugar begins to caramelize. When the syrup reaches the perfect consistency, it is hot bottled into our signature amber glass bottles. The amber glass protects the sweet flavor of our coffee syrup from the environment.

There's a whole lot of love that goes into each bottle of Dave's Coffee Syrup. For a classic coffee milk, mix two generous tablespoons of Dave's Coffee Syrup into a glass of cold milk and enjoy. There is approx 20 mg of caffeine per tablespoon of syrup.

Other great uses include:

  • Carmelized carrots, yams, or any root veggie
  • Drizzle over ribs before BBQ
  • Tiramisu
  • Espresso martinis

Customer Reviews

Based on 307 reviews
Maxine W. (Providence, RI)
Sweet Tastes of Old

I remember so well the taste of coffee milk and hot dogs as a young boy. I’m now 80 yrs old. There was nothing sweeter than this particular coffee milk blend with a hot dog on a roll. I saw an advertisement on the television a week or two ago that caught my attention immediately. The original Rhode Island coffee milk. I’ve been using, I’ll just say in fairness, another blend of coffee milk. Ok but I ordered this after I saw it on tv and it brought back those fine movements of yesterday years. I’m going to enjoy this once again because it has its own unique taste like no other. Love it!!

Laura K. (New York, NY)

I mix this in to my vanilla protein drinks in the morning and it's SO good. I wish there was a sugar free variety but tbh still worth it anyway! Shipping has been great. I use it about 5x/week and it lasted me almost 3 weeks!

Scott (Islip Terrace, NY)
If you know you know

Being from New York not many of us know about coffee syrup But once you find out what we've been missing there's no going back. Say goodbye chocolate milk.

Neil S. (Oak Park, IL)
unique and scrumptious

I am officially hooked on Dave's syrup. After my first cup of coffee in the morning, my second cup is Dave's syrup in cold oatmilk. A bit less caffeine but strong flavor!

Lisa Y. (Aurora, CO)
Yum. Makes great coffee greater.

This coffee syrup is addicting. Please don't ever discontinue :-)