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Rwanda Coopac Coffee

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Coffee production began in 1904 in this region and has developed into the main source of income for farmers. The cooperative is located on the mountain slopes of Western Rwanda above lake Kivu. The environmentally friendly washing stations that have been built here filter off waste by-products from coffee processing and are used as fertilizer (instead of emptying the waste into the nearby rivers).

Proceeds from this station are used to benefit the communities living here through fair trade activities such as donations of cows, goats, organic fertilizers and motorbikes to coffee farmers.

Our light roast level on this coffee maintains all of the complexity and delicate notes that cherished in a great African coffee.

Origin: Kigeyo, Rwanda

Soil Type: Volcanic Pluviometers


Growing Altitude: 1,900 meters

Process: Fully Washed

Washing Station: Kigeyo Coffee Washing Station

Cupping Notes: Toffee, Graham Cracker, Tart Green Apple with a sweet juicy mouthfeel.

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