The Story of The Blind Pig

Many customers ask about the origin for the name of our Blind Pig coffee. So, here’s an explanation of how it came about and what it means.Dave’s Coffee officially began roasting coffee in the winter of 2009. Up until that point, we used other local roasters to supply us at our Charlestown espresso bar. While we always had exceptional coffee, we knew the next step for us was to begin roasting our own coffee.We took delivery of our custom made US Roaster Corp 12 kilo coffee roaster in October. Obviously, we were anxious to begin roasting, and had the machine...

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Coffee Syrup History

To most Rhode Islander's, coffee syrup is a staple found in the cupboards and fridges in many homes. But, for those who have never heard of it, coffee syrup might be a mystery! So, here's the lowdown on coffee syrup, (which is used to make the Official State Drink of Rhode Island... Coffee Milk). Legend has it that the origins of coffee syrup date back to the 1930's in Rhode Island where corner pharmacies were looking for a new beverage to target to children. The creative soda jerk (yeah, that was actually the title of the person operating the soda...

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