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Spray Rock Blend Coffee

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Tasting Notes

Hints of cocoa, cedar with an earthy, bold & smooth body. Very low acidity.

Origin & Processing Details

Origin: Sumatra, Brazil & Colombia

Varietal: Arabica, Typica, Bourbon

Process: Washed, Wet Hulled & Natural


Coffee Story:

This special blend is a tribute to a solid, stoic, rock located in neighboring Weekapaug Rhode Island. The waves have crashed against this monstrous rock for ages, creating a beautiful spray from the ocean. Spray Rock in Weekapaug is also a favorite surfing spot for local Rhode Islanders and visitors alike.

People love sitting and sipping a Dave's coffee while enjoying the sights and sounds at Spray Rock. The sunrises and sunsets here are breathtaking! So, what better landmark to name our new blend after?

Spray Rock is a blend of Sumatra, Brazil and Colombia coffees. We roast it medium dark to bring out the sugars and sweetness of the beans. The flavor is big, bold and velvety smooth.

Bring back warm summertime memories or create new ones with Spray Rock Blend.

Small bits of stone or concrete may be found in patio dried coffee. Check carefully to avoid damage to grinders.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
RonNH (Waltham, MA)
Spray Rock Blend Coffee

This was my third time ordering Spray Rock coffee. This last batch didn't seem anywhere as good as the first two, in fact it was rather bland and I stopped drinking it. By mistake, I ordered two bags, I don't think I will order it again.

Arlo R. (San Jose, CA)
Incredibly Balanced Blend

Dave's have truly outdone themselves with Spray Rock. Perfectly suited for my pour-over method, these beans are impeccably balanced, resulting in a coffee that is neither bitter nor sour. They have an incredibly robust flavor profile, and when brewed the rich and subtle notes make this coffee stand out. All in all, Spray Rock is a fantastic blend for any coffee lover.

David A. (Philadelphia, PA)
Amazing Cold BREW

5-star for cold brew method (140g beans to 580g water), it was great, however I didn't really like it drip or French press.

mark g. (Bishop, CA)

Spray Rock Blend Coffee

Nora (New York, NY)
Perfect Everyday Coffee

I bought this when my husband and I visited the Providence store on a trip, and it's immediately become a staple for us. It legitimately made a coffee drinker out of my husband, lol. I've never liked acidic coffees so to find one that tastes so flavorful and doesn't hurt my stomach is great.