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Roaster's Choice Gift Subscription

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Here's how it works:

Gift subscriptions ship monthly for 3, 6 or 12 months and then end automatically. Perfect to keep family, friends and colleagues going with their favorite Dave's Coffee!

  • Choose the bag size and whether you'd like whole bean or ground
  • Select how many months you'd like to send (3, 6 or 12)
  • Select how many bags you'd like to send each month (1 by default)
  • We roast and ship each month

With our rotating Roaster's Choice subscription, you can enjoy what we're roasting (and brewing) at the roastery!

This is the best way to experience a wide range of different coffees.

You'll get a rotating, hand curated 12 ounce bag with each shipment including special, limited run micro lots! We don't send decaf unless it is requested.

This is the best way to ensure a steady supply of all the different coffee varietals delivered to your doorstep automatically at the interval you select.

As with any of our ongoing subscriptions, you have the ability to pause, resume, cancel and adjust frequency with just a couple of clicks!

Small bits of stone or concrete may be found in patio dried coffee. Check carefully to avoid damage to grinders.