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Decaf Paper Tiger Coffee

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We are thrilled to bring you this amazingly delicious, full bodied, flavorful decaf from Colombia.

The sugar process is a natural process that not only maintains the astonishing integrity of the coffees flavor, but also allows us to offer decaffeinated coffee that follows an integrated vertical supply chain, as the growing, processing, and even the full decaffeination process all happens at the source in Colombia. Sugar cane, which is fermented in water to decaffeinate our coffee, also grows abundantly in Colombia. So, it makes good sense all around for the enviroment and produces the best tasting decaf you've ever had!

Here's a quick overview of how the coffee gets decaffeinated before it arrives to us for roasting:

  • Unroasted coffee is gently steamed for thirty minutes to open the pores of the coffee to allow the caffeine to be extracted.
  • The beans are then placed in a solution made from water and fermented sugar cane.
  • The solution bonds to the salts of chlorogenic acids within the coffee, allowing for the extraction of the caffeine.
  • The solution is then drained (taking with it the caffeine) and refilled with fresh solution. This continues for eight hours.
  • After the last of the caffeine has been removed, the beans are gently steamed again to remove any residue of the solution, and then dried.

We're confident that you'll love our natural sugar process decaf just as much as we do!

Origin: Timana, Colombia

Varietal: Colombia, Supremo

Growing Altitude: 1,500 - 1,900 Meters

Process: Washed, Natural Sugar Processed Decaf

Cupping Notes: Chocolaty with Cherry like acidity