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4-Pack Original Coffee Syrup (8oz)

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This smaller version of our Original Coffee Syrup is the perfect size for:

  • Wedding favors
  • Gift giving
  • Teachers' gifts
  • Corporate gifting

It all starts with our fresh roasted coffee. We've selected a superb Brazilian bean and roasted it specifically to be used in our coffee syrup. It's nutty, sweet, smooth and roasted with it's natural smoky goodness. The finished roast then rests for two days.

After resting the coffee is ground and cold brewed for 18 hours in our modified stainless steel kettle.

Finally, the cold brewed coffee is drained and combined with pure cane sugar and tapioca syrup. The mixture of coffee and sugar is brought to a boil and simmers for about four hours. During this time the syrup reduces and the sugar begins to caramelize. When the syrup reaches the perfect consistency, it is hot bottled into our signature amber glass bottles. The amber glass protects the sweet flavor of our coffee syrup from the environment.

There's a whole lot of love that goes into each bottle of Dave's Coffee Syrup. For a classic coffee milk, mix two generous tablespoons of Dave's Coffee Syrup into a glass of cold milk and enjoy. There is approx 20 mg of caffeine per tablespoon of syrup.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Lisa P. (Jamaica Plain, MA)
Great service for a great product!

I have been purchasing Dave’s coffee syrup for years at my local Rhode Island grocery store. There’s nothing better! My work team was traveling to Massachusetts for a meeting and many of them had never been to New England. I purchased a dozen bottles of coffee syrup to give to them as a “Welcome to New England “ gift. They loved it! Thanks, Dave’s!

Brenda (San Diego, CA)
Best coffee syrup ever

I visited RI and fell in love with coffee milk! Living in CA, there is no coffee milk. Dave’s coffee syrup is the healthiest and most delicious syrup ever to make your own! We buy a ton of it!!

Annette S. (Berwyn, PA)


William S. (Phoenix, AZ)

Thanks for bringing my southeast CT upbringing to New Mexico. Coffee flavor is nonexistent here. Love the coffee flavor for milk and ice cream. Just like being back in NIANTIC

Kara G. (Chaplin, CT)
Love it!

I love DCS! A must in our house! Great in milk, awesome in cocktails, fantastic on vanilla ice cream! Bummed no big bottles at the time. So, I had to go for smaller bottles (all large were sold out), which was fine, gave a few out as Xmas gifts. But, if I had to make once suggestion-I love the style of the bottles it comes in, but, it gets super sticky at the top. Not always me using it, so, others don’t pour clean like I do. Pumps would be great..just a thought!
Awesome work DC, once again, shipment, packaged well, cool stickers, fantastic product! Don’t ever change. I love a package that looks likes it’s been packed w/loving care!!!
Will absolutely order again!!! Coffee Syrup to a new year..cheers!!