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4-Pack Original Coffee Syrup (8oz)

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This smaller version of our Original Coffee Syrup is the perfect size for:

  • Wedding favors
  • Gift giving
  • Teachers' gifts
  • Corporate gifting

It all starts with our fresh roasted coffee. We've selected a superb Brazilian bean and roasted it specifically to be used in our coffee syrup. It's nutty, sweet, smooth and roasted with it's natural smoky goodness. The finished roast then rests for two days.

After resting the coffee is ground and cold brewed for 18 hours in our modified stainless steel kettle.

Finally, the cold brewed coffee is drained and combined with pure cane sugar and tapioca syrup. The mixture of coffee and sugar is brought to a boil and simmers for about four hours. During this time the syrup reduces and the sugar begins to caramelize. When the syrup reaches the perfect consistency, it is hot bottled into our signature amber glass bottles. The amber glass protects the sweet flavor of our coffee syrup from the environment.

There's a whole lot of love that goes into each bottle of Dave's Coffee Syrup. For a classic coffee milk, mix two generous tablespoons of Dave's Coffee Syrup into a glass of cold milk and enjoy. There is approx 20 mg of caffeine per tablespoon of syrup.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Beth D.

I used the coffe syrups at my RI wedding as favors for the guests. They made the table look great and everyone was so excited to have a delicious and local product! The staff helped me get the amount I needed and customer service was wonderful!

Doris C.

I think I'm addicted to Dave's coffee syrup. I love coffee yogurt but have a hard time finding it so I pour the syrup over plain yogurt and granola for breakfast! Coffee ice cream is never a strong enough coffee flavor so I make a sundae with vanilla ice cream and Dave's coffee syrup.

Jeff K.

It tasted awesome. I love that its made with real coffee

Susan R.

I made the coffee milk recipe and it was delicious. Can't wait to try their cocktail recipes. Customer service was awesome. Thank you.

John W.

I've been buying this syrup for years. I've put it in baked goods, on ice cream, and of course coffee milk. Fun ingredient to have around.