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Power Wagon Sumatra Kerinci

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Tasting Notes

Black tea, cedar, chocolate and earthy with very low acidity and a smooth body.

Origin & Processing Details

Origin: Mount Kerinci, Kerinci Highlands, Sumatra

Varietal: Arabica

Process: Wet Hulled

Coffee Story:

This Sumatra checks all the boxes that we aim for when bringing a new coffee into our line up! Farming, harvesting, and processing are all done with the goal of creating a sustainable, responsible, and rewarding life for the farmers and locals.

AgroTropic, founded by conservation expert Pak Suki Anto, has its Sungai Lintang Coffee facility at the foot of Mount Kerinici. The group has been working with local farmers since 2009 and providing them with seedlings — it distributed 50,000 to 38 farmers initially and two years later distributed 180,000 seedlings to eight hundred local farmers, who intercrop the coffee with cinnamon, tea, potatoes, and vegetables.

Agronomists also work with the farmers on planting, pruning, harvesting, and composting techniques, as well as on “alley cropping,” which encourages the planting of coffee trees spread two arms’ width apart, to allow in light and air. They also visit the farmers at least once a month, to check in and help them keep standards high.

When ripe cherries arrive at the Sungai Lintang facility, the crews start cleaning and pulping them and put the fresh, wet parchment into water fermentation tanks for a minimum of 12 hours. The parchment is then washed and sun-dried on patios, as well as in temperature- and humidity-controlled greenhouses with raised beds.

Afterward, the beans are sorted first with a mechanical gravity separator and then a second time by hand.

Small bits of stone or concrete may be found in patio dried coffee. Check carefully to avoid damage to grinders.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Chris R. (Belfast, ME)
Power Wagon Sumatra Kerinci

Up until now Black Crow has been my go to Dave's coffee blend. It's good to expand your taste buds horizons. Welcome Power Wagon. A wet hulled coffee, with intense cup flavors,sorghum syrup, earth-toned hints, baked apple accent, bittersweet roast tones, malted grain, smokey peat and baking cocoa finish. Would be good for espresso. Suffice to say it's pretty tasty. Thanks Dave !

Glenn G. (Thousand Oaks, CA)

Power Wagon Sumatra Kerinci

Mark S. (Oswego, IL)
Delicious brew to start each day

Powerwagon coffee is smooth and well balanced dark roast to be enjoyed every morning. It is sure to put a smile on any coffee lover’s face.

Roger M. (Westbrook, ME)
Enjoyed Power Wagon

I have been cold brewing with Black Crow for the past 7 years. If there were no Black Crow I would be drinking Power Wagon. I plan on alternating the two of them.

S L.C. (Middletown, CT)
Smooth and Rich tasting

Stopped at Dave's coffee while vacationing in RI with some friends. It was a wonderful treat to have a wonderful cup of coffee, smooth, rich & strong.The quality of the roasting is exceptional and we all enjoyed Dave's coffee during our time away.
Since I've returned home I ordered Dave's coffee online, the products are carefully packaged and fresh.