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Decaf Paper Tiger Coffee Gift Subscription

Original price $18.00 - Original price $84.00
Original price
$18.00 - $84.00
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Here's how it works:

Gift subscriptions ship monthly for 3, 6 or 12 months and then end automatically. Perfect to keep family, friends and colleagues going with their favorite Dave's Coffee!

  • Choose the bag size and whether you'd like whole bean or ground
  • Select how many months you'd like to send (3, 6 or 12)
  • Select how many bags you'd like to send each month (1 by default)
  • We roast and ship each month

    Please note that you will not be able to make any changes to this subscription because it is prepaid. If you would like a subscription that you can manage, you can do this with an ongoing subscription which can be purchased HERE.

    Don't ever let anyone say that just because it's decaf it can't be great!

    We are thrilled to bring you this amazingly delicious, full bodied, flavorful decaf from Colombia.

    The natural sugar process decaf is not only gentler on the coffee bean, it's better for the environment. From cultivating, harvesting and drying, to decaffeinating; it all takes place right in Colombia eliminating the need for the coffee to be sent to an intermediary country to be decaffeinated after harvesting. Sugar cane also grows abundantly in Colombia (which is used to decaffeinate the coffee). So, it makes sense all around.

    We're confident that you'll love our natural sugar process decaf just as much as we do!

    Cupping Notes: Chocolate, Sweet, Smooth, Balanced, Nutty Finish.