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Falcon Cold Brew Coffee

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We reformulated Falcon for the 2023 season and it's tasting better than ever! Available April through September, then we switch over to our winter blend Fireside.

This coffee is a blend created specifically to brew as a cold brew (although it brews amazingly hot also)!

The blend is well balanced and has a great juicy sweetness that is delicious black or with a splash of cream over ice.

Origin: Papua New Guinea & Colombia

VarietalTypica, Bourbon, Arusha, Caturra, Colombia

Growing Altitude: 1,300 -1,600 meters

Process: Washed and dried in the sun

Cupping Notes: Plum, Red Apple, Almond and Chocolate

Small bits of stone or concrete may be found in patio dried coffee. Check carefully to avoid damage to grinders.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Katie (Bath, NY)

I'm so happy with my order, quick shipping and the coffee is delicious! Plus the cute sticker is always a bonus!

Seth D. (Wernersville, PA)
Falcon rules the roost

I haven't found a blend, bean selection or roast that I like better than Falcon for cold brew. It's almost like Dave's knows what they're doing! Black Crow for hot, Falcon for cold, but this coffee is definitely not "for the birds!"

Alexis M. (Harman, WV)
Excellent cold brew!

Superior grinds make for surperior cold brew! Thanks for the option to grind it before shipping the texture was perfect for cold brew process! Tip for anyone new to the process : mix 1 part grind to 2 parts water together in jar -shake and put in fridge for 24 hours. Then strain mixture through cheesecloth lined colander and collect the most dank coffee concentrate you will ever have! Definitely water it down cause it’s very strong but I found this to be a method that makes perfect tasting and powerful cold brew like I have bought in coffee shops without having to waste time standing in line and spending sooo much money !!


Try it before season is over

David J.

My first taste of the Falcon was as a hot coffee from beans bought at the Providence shop, ground at home. I took what was left of the bag and made as much cold brew as I could and was so blown away...
I'd gone through some other batches of cold brew following that one - all excellent - but I could not stop thinking about how they just missed the mark.

It's mildly embarrassing to express just how happy I was to see that 5lb bag arrive, and it's been a constant through these last hot weeks of August! So good!!